Thursday 6 July 2017

Cross-Canada Trip 2017: The Canadian Consist

A first look at the impressive consist for my Canadian. The train had been expanded as approached the peak season, up to 13 in-service cars with three domes. The deadhead equipment up front made for a neat look, as it added two more domes and brought us up to a 16 car train.

I was debating when to report the consist from my Canadian, so I thought I'd add a separate post just to report that on its own. That will also make it easier for someone to quickly reference, should they wish to do so.

So, here it is:

VIA #1 - The Canadian (ex-Toronto)
April 15, 2017

6441 F40PH-2D (rebuilt)
6445 F40PH-2D (rebuilt)
8414 Palliser Diner* (deadhead to VAN)
88710 Prince Albert Park** (deadhead to VAN)
8507 Skyline (deadhead to VAN)
8604 Baggage
8123 Coach (Economy class)
8500 Skyline*
8332 Laird Manor* (110)
8330 Hunter Manor* (111)
8314 Cameron Manor* (112)
8511 Skyline
8401 Acadian Diner*
8310 Brock Manor* (113) (Roomette 3)
8337 Osler Manor* (114)
8311 Burton Manor* (115)
88217 Chateau Maisonneuve** (Prestige) (130)
88706 Glacier Park** (Prestige) (139)

* Refurbished car
** Prestige refurbished car
Line numbers in brackets. My car and roomette identified in bold.

2 locomotives, 13 cars in service, 16 cars total.

In addition to the line numbers, the train was designated as 3 sections – Section A was the coach and first Skyline, Section B was the first 3 Manors, and Section C was the following 3 Manors. Only one coach for the Economy section. Access to cars 110 and back was reserved for sleeper passengers only, with the exception of some economy passengers going to the diner (as space allowed). The Prestige section was open to all sleeper passengers through the whole trip, as restrictions didn't come into effect until April 30th. The only reserved Prestige space was the first two rows of dome seats in the Park.

The deadhead cars up front were being sent to Vancouver in preparation for the additional peak season departures that would begin at the end of the month. It was a little odd to see a Park car up near the front of the train. Even though we only had 3 domes in service, it made for a cool looking train with those two extra deadhead domes up front – a 5 dome train! That’s actually what they’re running now during the summer peak this summer (4 Skylines and a Park), but of course with all cars in service.

There were no cars added or dropped along the way.

A lot of people were confused to see those extra domes up front, as they had been told there were 3 domes on the train. I had to explain that one a few times!

Also worth noting is that this train was 100% ex-CP equipment – no ex-UP baggage car or ex-US coaches. Most of the cars were in great shape, but 8511 was looking really rough, and of course none of the economy coaches have been refurbished.

I will have plenty more comments on the consist and equipment, along with photos; but those will follow in the context of the upcoming posts. 


  1. Good to see you 'won' the debate with yourself about posting the consist, Tim! We know the true value of consists. Even the more predictable VIA consists of today prove themselves to be...unpredictable. Look at the fun we have discussing those deadhead cars' presence.
    Thanks for posting the consist!

    1. There was no doubt I'd post it, the debate was just when and how! Should I include it at the end of the first night on the Canadian? At the start of the first day? Repeatedly every day? In the end, it seemed a whole separate, self-contained post was the best way. Then those consist connoisseurs out there can just get right to the good stuff, and those less interested can just focus on the ins and outs of riding the rails!

    2. This also allowed me to indulge a bit more in discussion about the particular consist, and not worry about bloating any particular day's report.

  2. 16 cars, that's a 500m long consist.